About J.FIT

             J.FIT was born from the love of fitness for oneself and for others. Helping the community to find that deeper energy to overcome obstacles has made my fitness become more involved and understanding how the body works.  J.FIT is here because our community needed someone to champion the way forward with them.


            I am a retired United States Marine and have been a competitive fitness competitor for over 20 years.   I am an IFBB Professional Athlete and also hold two Natural Professional Cards.  I served over 22 years in the United States Marine Corps.  During my time in the Marine Corps, I excelled in fitness and started my body building career.


            After retiring from the military, I had more time to train and focus on fitness competitions.  I got my first Pro Card at the age of 42.  It was one of the best moments in my life.  A 42-year-old became a Natural Pro.  Friends, family and others noticed my pictures on social media and started asking me for advice on training and healthy eating tips.


            I went from one client to several clients overnight.  I called a friend of mine and stated that I need a logo and fitness name for my business.  He said, how about J.FIT.  You are in your 40s and still look great, people will want to be J.FIT.  The name stuck with me.  To this day, everyone calls me J.FIT.


            J.FIT offers whole body fitness advice, training advice, healthy eating tips and work outs advice.  With J.FIT you are getting over 20 year of military fitness training and body building training advice.  J.FIT offers the following products waist wraps, sweat gel, water bottles and massage guns.